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Parent Teacher Conferences

Dates happen each October. Please check back for our 2022-2023 dates.

Parent Conferences will be held after school.  Dismissal from school will be 11:45 AM all week. The Parent-Teacher Conference is one of the most important communication avenues you will encounter at Vichy Elementary. We strongly encourage all parents to attend, as it is a special opportunity to receive individual feedback on your child. Each year you can sign up for your parent-teacher conference at Back-To-School Night or thereafter with your teacher. 

Tips For a Better Conference

Make Your Time Count- As you are thinking about getting prepared for your parent-teacher conference, keep in mind that you only have 20 minutes. Be ready to make every minute count. Check your starting time and come a few minutes early. You may be able to begin a few minutes early and this will help your child’s teacher stay on her schedule.

Bring In Your Questions- Think in advance about what you want to find out from the teacher and jot down your questions so you don't forget. However, to save time, save your questions for the end of the conference as many of them may be answered during the course of the teacher's report.

Share Your Insights- Think of any ways you can give the teacher insight into your child. If your child has any special needs or if they have specific strengths, weaknesses, or patterns that you have noticed, be sure to discuss these during the course of your conference. Be sure to let the teacher know about your child’s relationships with family and friends, hobbies, or homework habits that may help them work more effectively with your child.

Develop a Plan- If your child is having academic or social difficulties, develop an action plan with the teacher that you can implement at home to provide support. Take notes so that you can implement this plan without further delay.

Feel Proud- Most conferences will be a progress report on what you already know to be a satisfying Vichy Elementary experience.